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Description of File Explorer Manager

File Explorer Manager best tools on Android market handle any file on your Android device and remotely and share folder to another. You can also separately handle Recycle libraries directory of pictures, music, videos, documents, as well as rename, delete, move, rar zip and unzip send with just a few taps.

It provides access from SD Card to pictures, music, video, documents, and other files on both software in Android devices

programs can Explorer browse music files , videos, photos , documents, applications , and is easy to copy , modify , move, search , delete or upload new files from drive on PC to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-fi connection.

This application is ad free and does not require the internet permission.

- Multiple protocols: Supports file transfers using FTP, ftps, sftp, WebDAV and LAN/SMB, stream media from LAN/SMB/FTP/WebDAV/Cloud without downloading all formats.

- Support mp3, mp4, mkv ,wma ,dat ,docs ,ppt ,zip, rar, apk , Gallery

- Zip, Tar, GZip, bzip2, and 7zip archive Extractor / Creator (.zip, .tgz, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .7z)

- Application manager -- Manage software apps(Install, Uninstall, Backup, Shortcuts, Category)

- Save password and lock app and file some directory and folder.

- Find FTP and SSH FTP local network shares using multicast DNS (mdns) service discovery (Bonjour/Zeroconf/Avahi)

- Easy Access your home PC shared documents on network

- Application manager: switching to other programs, uninstall or view any app's system management software page. Launched applications are also in the taskbar

- Create and delete folders (directories)

- Application manager-- Uninstall, detailed app check, create shortcuts.

- Recycle bin for files in SD Card

- Download and convert Google Drive / Google Docs files into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, opendocument, PDF, and other formats

- Wi-Fi file transfer:Use PC to wirelessly edit your mobile using FTP.

- Browse files by categories for those popular type(picture, music, video, document, Docs ,installed applications and so on)

- Shortcuts to most important directories: Camera, Documents, Downloads, Movies, Music and Pictures, Docs, PPT ,MP3 ,MP4 ,MKV ,WMV, Gallery

- Zipping and Unzipping files. Built-in zip support allows compress and decompress archives.

- Easy connect to window and mac.

- Browse search your phone SD card folder directory, easily to copy, move, delete , rename and share local files

- Can show hidden drive and root directories

- Easy Move, modify ,copy, rename, and delete, rename files.

- Smart download and search based on current category or current path

File Explorer Manager is like file manager.Through this application you can access your SD-card.

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APK Version 3.41
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